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DAISY Global is A Crowdfunding smart contract that offers profits, equity and income to every member. You do not have to refer people to earn, because passive income can be earned from DAISY’s business activities. However, if you are attracting referrals, there are several ways to earn money with the D.AI.SY referral plan. Additional Income 3 × 10 Forced Matrix Bonus. Personal referral bonus. Matrix Check Matching Bonus. Pacesetter Revenue Share Bonus. Initial Infinite Bonus. Infinite check matching bonus.Referral Plan:Instant Payouts. Up To 46% Payouts.

The True D.AI.SY AI Story:

Rewards For Contributors:
• Up to 10 Crowd Funding Tiers to choose from starting at just $100.
• Every contributor gets their equal share of 5% stock.
• 50% to 70% of each contribution is used in trading for development.
• 70% of the trading profits are rewarded back to the contributor.
• 15% of the trading profit are rewarded to the residual referral plan.
• Contributors can withdraw trading rewards at anytime.
• All members are able to participate in the Daisy referral plan.
• Referral plan pays out up to 46% of each contribution.
Daisy AI Presentation June 2023:

Passive Income:

Benefits Even If A Member Does Not Refer Anyone.

1. Owning equity – potential return from selling  stock or receiving dividends in the future
2. Trading rewards – potential rewards from successful trading performance of DAISY’s AI System
3. Potential matrix spillover, generating maximum of 48% return on crowdfunding contribution from spillover in the referral plan, even with no referrals
Crowd Fund Tier Table:

Promotions:Momentum Packs means that when you buy the same Tier again, 90% of fund will enter AI trading instead of 70%. Only for  repeated purchase Tier 3 or higher Tier repeated purchase is valid, please confirm whether the amount of trading funds is consistent when making repeated purchases. Single momentum packs begin at TIER 3. Unlimited begins at Tier 10.

Referral Plan:

Instant Payouts. Up To 46% Payouts.

Upfront Income

3×10 Forced Matrix Bonus
Personal Referral Bonus
Matrix Check Matching Bonus
Pacesetter Revenue Share Bonus

Upfront Infinity Bonus

Residual Income From Trading Profits
10 Generation Unilevel Trading Bonus
Infinity Residual Bonus
Stock Equity


3st ever Global event:
Daisy Global Event Dubai February 21 & 22 2024; Daisy 3 year anniversary, Dubai Coca Cola Stadium, for info & tickets.

Daisy Disrupt Highlight Video:

D.AI.SY is the number one, and largest crowd funding project ever created raising funds for the development of AI (Artificial Intelligence) financial technologies that will change the financial industry. In addition we are funding a DeFi Launch Pad platform helping the decentralization of finance. In the first 6 months since its launch on March 30, 2021, more than 200,000 people from over 100+ countries have participated contributing more than $400 million USDT in crowd fund contributions. You can earn passive income as a crowd funder as well as lucrative upfront and passive rewards by sharing D.AI.SY with others.
Here’s the Forex AI report from April 2022 to date:

Friendly reminder:

1. No financial advice can be given  You have to go through the materials and determine by yourself if this is a good investment for you.
2. No one can predict the future ROI an it’s not wise to promise you any ROI.
3. This is not an investment. You are contributing to a crowdfund. Read/watch the material to understand  then make an informed decision
4.The DAISY AI smart contract has been formed. Once invested, Crowd funds cannot exit arbitrarily. After the development of the DAISY AI system is completed, DAISY will provide a withdrawal plan for trading funds, but you can always withdraw trading profits without time limit.
5.Daisy maintains long-term stable profitability under the premise of ensuring the safety of funds. This is a long-term project, not a short-term profiteering project.
6. Purchasing the Daisy Crowd Fund packages is a contribution to the equity crowd fund for the Daisy AI development and not a trading investment. DAISY is giving both shares of stock in the company and profit sharing from trading results, to each Contributor as crowd funding rewards.
7. Right now you can only withdraw profits. Later on when crowd funding limit has reached and  goes public, you can withdraw everything if you want.
New version of DAISY AI launch time:
Crypto AI implementing process for July 1st: Implementation is planned to start  the 22nd of June and should be fully finished and live by July 1st.
New AI will start working once its implementation is 100% completed, target is July 1st. New AI integration into Forex and other markets. New AI will be able to be applied to all markets, starting with crypto.
Approximately after 2-4 weeks of being 100% connected to crypto, we will start implementation of the new AI on the forex side as well. Future roadmap also includes new asset classes.
Trading vs. AI development:
AI development cannot be compared to regular trading. Development means testing. Testing might not always bring profits or bring the same level of profits during each phase, but the process is necessary to reach the goal of a super AI. It’s like teaching a child to walk. It has to crawl, fall, and stand before being able to walk, but it doesn’t take long before walking turns into running. The DAISY AI crowdfunding development will end in February 2024. During the test development period, the income will be high or low. You must fully understand the project. If you choose to join, you will voluntarily accept all profit results and be willing to bear a certain risk of loss!
New Daisy 2.0 Model
✳️ Launches February 2024
✳️ Decentralized Web 3.0 platform
✳️ (change from proposed Hedge Fund Model)
✳️ Will allow to operate in more countries
✳️ Seamless migration from current wallets
✳️ Continue to operate on blockchain
✳️ Continue to be smart contract model
✳️ Same trading as used currently
✳️ No more tiers, add any amount new funds
✳️ Withdraw or compound same as current model
✳️ Withdraw as you currently
✳️ New referral pay plan (no more matrixes)
✳️ Earn on addition of new funds and trading profits
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